Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Something for My Mantel

I really like saying "mantel." It makes me feel fancy.  Do you know what makes me feel even fancier?  "Mantel vignette." 

See, fancy.   

I'd like to say that that this collection was the result of a well thought out plan, but really these items congregated on their own over a period of time and I grew to love them.  A true Bob Ross "happy accident."

I found the artwork in an antiques co-op outside of Hershey, Pennsylvania and the bookends at a local Philadelphia community flea market.  The silhouette is my mom, taken during a girlhood trip to Disneyland and the turquoise lotus bowl belonged to my grandmother.  

A motley crew mantel, if you will. 

I know a lot of people change their decorations with the seasons.  I haven't graduated to seasonal vignettes just yet. Have you? 

Here are a few of my favorite mantel inspirations.  Tell me about yours! 

Family Photos

Vintage whites

Apothecary Bottles

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