Monday, April 18, 2011

Mexican Poncho

Every once in a while my mom surprises me. In a good way. Take this poncho for instance.  I mean, hello?! This poncho is incredible.  And it's just been hanging out on the top shelf of her closet wrapped in plastic.

I think she's been holding out on me.

Good thing I'm on to her. Good thing I casually peek into closets when I go home. It's a magical closet that keeps giving me wonderful things each time I look inside. Like this poncho that she brought back from a trip to Mexico sometime in the early 60's.

I can't wait to wear it this summer with white jeans.  Or a sundress.  Or shorts (I don't really wear shorts but I would for this poncho).  I'm so excited I've already got the accessories picked out.

There are dozens of ponchos on Etsy right now and Zara, H&M and Free People are always good places to look.  Here are some of my favorites as well as a little "how to" inspiration.


Free People

Ponchos: Ready-to-wear or rainy days only?

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