Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Cheerful Mixing Bowl

Until recently I have spent little time in the kitchen, but these brightly colored, cheerfully patterned bowls actually make me want to cook.  Yes, mom, I said it.  

Evocative of all things wholesome, you can almost taste the imaginary cake batter swirling around inside.  Or cookie dough...

Like many, my grandmother had several Pyrex pieces.  Unfortunately, my mother is not yet willing to part with them.  Lucky for me, you can find great Pyrex almost anywhere vintage items are sold.  Sure, you have to sift through pieces with fades, cracks and scratches, but Pyrex is pretty durable and there are plenty of good ones still out there.  

So, until my mom changes her mind, I will gladly use this surrogate collection: 

Although, I found so many wonderful pictures putting this post together that I'm tempted to expand to patterns.  Then I'll really need to cook more. Anyone have any good cookie recipes? 

Photo from Miss Lillibug

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