Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grandmom's Enamel Pendant


Have you ever noticed the special lingering quality of perfume, especially on vintage jewelry?  The way scents seem to linger years, even decades past when they were last worn?  

This enamel pendant still smells of my grandmother's signature scent: Estee Lauder Youth Dew.  I keep it in an old cigar box, in good company with other jewelry pieces that have also retained her scent, and I never wear perfume when I put it on.  

My grandmother was a little woman. I wish I could have seen her wearing this necklace, which seems oversized for her frame.  She must have made quite the statement.   

I wear this necklace year round - with sundresses and boat neck tops and turtlenecks with knee high boots.  They say a good perfume never goes out of season. 

Crown Trifari Pendant courtesy of Small Earth Vintage

Photo courtesy of Ruby Girl Jewelry

Crochet Art by Elle Decor UK

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