Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Colorful Strand of Beads

I've always been drawn to primary colors.  Especially all mixed together in one place. So when my mom offered me my grandmom's multi-color beaded necklace, I scooped it right up.

The beads appear to be some type of small nut and the paint has a muted whitewashed effect.  I just love them.

I've been meaning to find a jeweler in Philadelphia that will re-string the necklace as a precaution.  It probably hasn't been worn in 20+ years and I'd be devastated if it broke.  (If you know of a good jeweler in the Philly area that can do this, please let me know!).

I wear this necklace with just about anything.  Doubled, tripled, knotted.  And I usually get a question or compliment.  I think that's what I love most about these old pieces.  That they all have a story. And when someone stops to ask you about them, you get to relive the memory, the person, and all of the wonderful emotions that come with them.

And while I don't have a specific memory of my grandmother wearing this necklace, I love that separated by a generation and a plethora of fashion trends, we share a similar taste.

And apparently a love of primary colors.

Metallic Strappy Heels from Atticville

Vintage Dress from Maeby Maeby Knot

Tagua Nut Coin Necklace from veronicarileymartens

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  1. Lauren: You may ask my mom if she knows someone!! :)