Monday, December 27, 2010

A Reminder of Home

In just a few days, I will be heading north to Vermont to ring in the new year with Robyn - my college roommate, great friend, talented writer and world traveler.  She is Bermudian, and rarely stays in one place for long, so I am excited to spend a few days with her stateside. 

We caught up the other day and got to chatting about our blogs (she's my blog mentor. You can read hers here).

I asked her about the things she's "borrowed" or collected over the years and she came back with this - the vintage Bermudian flag her uncle gave her before she left for boarding school in New Hampshire (a little reminder of home).

"I know that it has cigarette holes in it and it's old, but I love it," she said.  "It reminds me of him, JP, who I lost this year in April." 

Robyn displays her flag proudly even now that she's home.  A simple reminder of friends and family. It hangs unapologetically with its burns and fades but it is none the worse for the wear.  I think it's beautiful.  

What reminds you of home?

Flag Curtain from Shelter Pop
Vintage Poster from Galerie Montmartre

Patriotic Photo by Images of This And That

Harley Davidson Helmets

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