Sunday, December 5, 2010

25 Years of Service

The Atlantic Petroleum Storage Company was founded in 1866. In 1874, the company, now known as Atlantic Refining, was purchased by John D. Rockefeller and integrated as part of Standard Oil. 

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Trying to establish a national presence, Atlantic merged with the West Coast oil company Richfield Oil in 1966. The combined company became known as the Atlantic Richfield Company, better known by its acronym as ARCO

My grandfather, Albert "Abe" Samuels

My grandfather started at Arco in the 1930's as a chauffer (a fancier title than truck driver).  He worked there for his entire career, spending most of his time as an ARC and an electrical welder.  He was awarded a "years of service" lapel pin for his 25th anniversary.  He had the pin made into a bracelet for my grandmother, and it was eventually passed down to me.  

These days, it's rare for anyone to stay with one company for even a fraction of that time.  Talk about becoming a master of your trade.  

I love wearing this bracelet.  It fills me with an enormous sense of pride.  For my grandfather and for his dedication and loyalty.  For all of his hard work.  And while he never reached the ranks of John D. Rockefeller, he loved what he did.   He punched his time card at ARCO for more than 25 years and made an honest living for his family.  And for that, I am extremely proud.  

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