Sunday, November 28, 2010

Your Holly Yashi Earrings?

Holly Yashi earrings embody the 80's for me.

I picture my mom - short feathered hair (highlights of course), scooping me up after school with these dangling from her ears.

Niobium, the company's signature material, is a lightweight natural element that changes color with the light.  The design takes on different hues depending on how you hold it.

I'm pretty sure I used to give my mom a hard time about how many pairs of these earrings she owned.  But the other day when we were sorting through items to post online (check out our Etsy store link below!) I pulled these aside and just could not let them go.

I love that the earrings I so fondly associate with my childhood have crept back into my adult life.  I find them surprisingly modern considering when they were made, and I love their simplicity.

You can find vintage pieces on Etsy or eBay:

Vintage Holly Yashi from For Sadie's Sake

And I love the new collection.  Beautiful pieces that retain the company's signature look (plus they're affordable!):

Holly Yashi Fleurette

Have you brought anything out of hiding lately?  Have you heard of Holly Yashi?

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