Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Little Sparkle?

It's getting colder here in the Northeast.  Closets are turning over and winter coats are making their first appearances of the season.

Lots of people hoard shoes, maybe handbags.  I love my coats.  Black, red, green, tweed.  My mom says it's a family trait.  

Sure, a great coat can be an accessory in itself, but who's to say you can't accessorize your coat?  

My mom has been offering her collection of pins and brooches to me for years.  I admit it, I was a brooch snob. But these little charmers can instantly update your coat, your scarf, even a knit hat and make them totally your own.  

This brooch belonged to my great aunt Sylvia.  My mother's aunt.  Every time I reach for my coat it sparkles back at me out of the corner of my eye.  

And I smile.

I'm sure you have some brooches tucked away inside a drawer or jewelry box wrapped in tissue right now.  If not, head over to the nearest thrift store and go crazy. Either way, avoid the urge to be a brooch snob like me and enjoy a little sparkle!

J. Crew photo from Atlantis Home

DIY fridge magnets from The Bella Life

Brooch bouquet from The Budget Savvy Bride

How do you wear your brooches?

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