Thursday, November 11, 2010

Your Timeless Sense of Style?

Growing up, I used to hate being an only child.

I desperately wanted a sister - a best friend, partner in crime, someone to share everything with (including clothes. Especially clothes).

Now I realize she's been there all along.

My mother, like most mothers, has taught me many things. About life, love. Style.

I could spot cordovan before I could spell it. And I inherited her uncanny ability to spot the best deal in the store within seconds of entering.

I have also inherited many things from her closet. Only child = first dibs.

I'll tell you about my favorites here (the things I've borrowed). Part bauble, part heirloom, part how-to, part just-for-fun. And I hope to hear about the things you've borrowed and who you've borrowed them from.

I've learned a lot from my mom, and there's still much to learn. We may not always agree on what to wear or where what should go, but good taste and an eye for style do not come easy, and she has them both.

And I'm happy to borrow what I can.

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