Friday, June 10, 2011

Charmed, I'm Sure

Want to hear a story about a magic charm bracelet that appeared out of nowhere? Ok, here's how it goes: 

On a recent trip to Hershey to visit my boyfriend's family, I was talking with his mom about my love of vintage items (I talk a lot about my love of vintage items).  We jumped in the car and spent the afternoon "thrift-store-hopping." I didn't find any jewelry, but did score a 1960's Coach bag, Totes scarf and crystal ring holder.  

On the way home,  I mentioned that one thing I was really looking for was a vintage charm bracelet.  When we got inside the house, she disappeared upstairs and emerged a few minutes later with the most amazing sterling silver nautical bracelet.  *Poof!*

Turns out, she used to sell antiques and pulled this bracelet from some of her old inventory.  And, she wanted me to have it! I was blown away by her generosity.  

Ok, so it's not really magic, and it didn't appear out of nowhere, but let's not be a spoil sport. I can assure you that the bracelet is magical, right down to the jingle it makes when I wear it.  

You can find vintage charm bracelets at estate sales and, if you're lucky, occasionally at thrift stores.  Otherwise the internet is your friend and can offer you a plethora of choices:

From Charm Chatter

from Vintage Retrievers

From Fine Estate Liquidation

from ReRuns
from LilahBelleVintage

p.s. I just finished reading a copy of The 19th Wife (you can see the cover in the background of one of the photos at the top). I highly recommend it for your summer reading list. Especially if you are like me and love Big Love and Sister Wives. Yep, I said it.  Sister Wives.

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