Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Turquoise Pendant

I love turquoise.  Thankfully, so does my mom.  Here's a necklace I recently borrowed from her.  I have been waiting for a lightening bolt of inspiration to deliver the perfect how and when to wear it.  Thank you, Google Reader.  

There it was last week, right there in my blog feed.  Kendi Lea's (Kendi Everyday) "Casual Tuesday" post.  Isn't this outfit fantastic? Isn't she fantastic? My friends will know immediately why I'm drawn to this.  

I want to steal this entire look.  Unfortunately, my turquoise necklace is little bit too short.  Still, I am determined to complete my version of Kendi's ensemble.  Do I see a shopping trip in my future?  

Just in case, here's some turquoise that has caught my eye:

Simply handmade at Etsy

Turkish Feather Pendant
Where do you find your outfit inspiration?

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  1. Thanks for your comment! I'm glad my thoughts made you think :)

    regarding your turquoise pendant being too short- consider finding (or making) a new chain/cord for it! This would probably be a cheaper alternative to buying a new one- bonus if you're able to keep both chains and choose between depending on your mood and outfit.